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Welcome to our site, we support Glenn Beck and his views, because he bases all his comments on provable facts. We are however NOT affiliated with Glenn Beck, or the the Glenn Beck web site.


Obama sweatsWe think he makes politicians sweat because they have no way of disproving the facts. Instead you can watch and hear the "Lame Stream" left wing media attack him personally, since they can't dispute his factual statements. An easy way to discern if any one of them is lying to you, is to check if he/she actually refers to a statement Glenn Beck made and disproves it, or if they are attacking his person. If they do the latter, they are trying to "influence" you and should be ignored. Better yet, write to the TV station and complain about the obvious bias their employees are displaying.



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Glenn Beck is radiactive


Glenn Beck is radioactive to those in our government who continuously lie to us. Since they can't refute his factual statements, they resort to personal attacks and ignore the factual accounts against them. Just read the left wing (i.e. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, all really meaning Socialist or Communist) blogs, watch the "lame stream" media like ABC, MSNBC, CBS, or NBC, for example and you will notice relentless attacks against those in the public arena who represent us Americans best. Don't believe it? Just watch Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann, Rick Sanchez, Heraldo, Whoppy Goldberg, Mathews, Colbert, Maddow, Stewart, Sykes, Garofalo, King, Letterman, the Anti-Defamation League and all the other usual suspects and you know it. They seem to actually hate Glenn Beck and others, like Sarah Palin, who really only care about America and us, the people; unlike the left-wing pundits and politicians who only seem to care about their party, their pocket book and special interest.

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